The Goetia Book Test


A hands-off book test with occult themes for unforgettable bizarre magic routines; available in standard paperback or deluxe leather-bound editions.

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Unearth the forbidden secrets of the Goetia Book Test, designed for bizarre magic presentations with dark, mystical themes.

Standard Paperback: An occult bookstore-style paperback imbued with forbidden ancient secrets. The perfect choice for bizarre magic on a budget.
Limited Leather-Bound: Extraordinary hand-bound leather edition reminiscent of a historic occult grimoire, numbered and limited to 666 copies. Aged leather and paper add authenticity.

Both editions are printed on high-quality 120gsm paper. The deluxe leather version features aged pages to match the mystical aged cover. Bound with a coptic stitch to prevent warping when riffling the pages.

Mentalism Made Easy
This completely hands-off book test empowers you to focus on performance. Handed to a spectator, the book supernaturally opens to the force page every time for jaw-dropping revelations.

Included Routine
The included presentation involves a volunteer becoming possessed by a demon from the book, which you must then banish in a climactic pseudo-exorcism routine. Easily adapted to suit your style.

More Than Just a Prop
Both editions contain the complete original text of The Goetia. Learn real occult history and practices to inform your performance.

Spanish Version
My thanks to Dani Marko for helping me with the Spanish version. I’ve put the translation into the public domain (link at the bottom of the page) because I couldn’t establish the copyright status of the existing Spanish version. Feel free to download and share it.

Choose your edition today and unlock unforgettable bizarre magic presentations.