The Cloisters Medieval Playing Cards


A restoration of the 15th century Cloisters deck in the collection of the Met Museum, resized to fit on modern poker sized cards.

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The Cloisters Deck by Experts at the Craft Table is part restoration project, part reimagining of the 15th century Cloisters deck held in the collection of the Met Museum. The original deck, although complete has a number of cards in a poor state, with faded paint/ink and patches of colour missing. Using cutting edge digital image restoration software the card images have been restored to what they conceivably would have looked like 500 years ago.

The original deck was oval shaped, however for the convenience of modern playing card enthusiasts, medieval enthusiasts/SCA people and rennaissance faire magicians, they have been resized to fit on modern poker sized playing cards. This means that they will handle the same as a regular deck of cards and can be used for card games and magic tricks like any other deck. Additionally, by putting the images on a wider card there is more free space so that the cards look less cramped and are more aesthetically pleasing.

The decks are printed in the UK by Ivory Graphics on Sure Slip Air 310gsm playing card stock. Sure Slip 310 Is a layered card this is produced by putting two of sheets of card together and laminating them into one sheet. The laminate makes the playing card much stronger and more durable than normal paper and card. Sure Slip 310 is opaque which means it has black glue in the middle of the two white sheets to make sure there is no possibility of any show through. This playing card material has a unique textured finish. This helps the playing cards move more evenly so the user can control the playing cards with ease and make sleight of hand tricks a breeze.