The Cloisters Medieval Playing Cards


Restored 15th-century Flemish hunting deck themed playing cards, resized for modern use, from the Met Museum collection.

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Step back in time with The Cloisters Medieval Playing Cards, a faithful restoration of the 15th-century Cloisters deck from the Met Museum’s collection. This deck has been carefully brought back to life, with faded ink and missing colors digitally restored to their former glory, giving you a glimpse of what these cards might have looked like 500 years ago.

Historical Accuracy Meets Modern Convenience
Authentic Restoration: Using advanced digital restoration, the original artwork’s beauty is revived, making history accessible to you.
Modern Adaptation: While the original deck was oval-shaped, these cards have been resized to fit modern poker dimensions for familiar handling and versatility in play.
Aesthetic Enhancement: The wider poker size allows for a less cramped display of the intricate medieval artwork, enhancing the visual appeal of each card.

Premium Quality
Printed in the UK: The cards are produced by Ivory Graphics on Sure Slip Air 310gsm playing card stock, ensuring a smooth shuffle and durable quality.
Collector’s Item: Whether you’re a playing card enthusiast, a medieval reenactor, or a magician at a renaissance faire, this deck is a unique addition to your collection.

The Cloisters Medieval Playing Cards offer a tangible connection to the past, combined with the practicality and enjoyment of a contemporary deck. Perfect for collectors, history buffs, and card game aficionados alike, this deck is a bridge between the old and the new, ready to be dealt into your hands.