Stamped leather tag


A hand stitched leather keyring tag stamped with 1089 to use as a reveal for the 1089 force, or alternatively stamped with your own custom text/number.

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By default this tag will be made from the same black cherry brush off leather that we use for the EDC wallet and stamped with “1089”, however you can select custom options when ordering to change the leather type. If you would like something else stamped on it please put a note in the comments box when checking out. A good non magical use for these tags is to put your phone number on your keys so that if you lose them anyone that finds them can call you to return them.

We can make these in a slightly larger size to accomodate more text within reason for no extra cost, however keep in mind the size of the letters compared to a keyring clip (see product image) so there is a limit to how much text can be entered before you have a comically large keyring. Try to stick to a couple of words or a number for custom options, if you enter a long string of text/numbers/etc we reserver the right to refuse the order or contact you to arrange an additional payment before processing the order. If you would like something larger stamped we suggest contacting us first, as we can stamp pretty much anything.

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