Spirit Slates


Antique-style non-locking wooden slates with aluminum flap for mentalism and bizarre magic performances.

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Immerse audiences in an aura of mystery with the Spirit Slates – antique-style wooden slates perfect for mentalism and magic performances.

Wooden slates with vintage finish
0.5mm aluminum flap for secret writing
Flap allows messages to be pre-written
Looks and feels like a 19th century artifact

Vintage Appeal
The antique wooden finish provides a 19th century spiritualist aesthetic.

Advance Preparation
Write secret messages in advance under aluminum flap to be revealed later.

Flexible Performances
Use for séance reenactments, bizarre magic, mentalism and more.

Adds Atmosphere
The antique vibe establishes the perfect mood for your performance.

Give your mentalism an aura of mystery and history with the convincing antique finish of the Spirit Slates. Transport audiences to an era of occult theater.

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