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Unearth the Forbidden Secrets of the Goetia Book Test!

A completely hands off book test with bizarre magic in mind.

Includes an example presentation involving the demonic possession and exorcism of a spectator, which anyone purchasing the book is free to use for any performance with no restrictions, although it’s not recommended for kids birthday parties!

Regular Paperback Edition: Delve into the world of the occult with our standard Goetia paperback book. It’s the perfect choice for magicians looking to master the art of mentalism with a touch of the occult.

Limited Edition Hand Bound in Leather: Elevate your magic to extraordinary heights with our limited edition Goetia hand-bound in luxurious leather. Crafted to perfection, this edition embodies the true essence of ancient mysticism. The aged leather with aged paper within adds an authentic touch, making each performance a journey through time. Hand numbered and limited to 666 copies.

Please note: This item is a pre-order which will ship at the beginning of December 2023.

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Why Choose the Goetia Book Test for Your Bizarre Magic?

As a dedicated practitioner of bizarre magic, you understand the importance of weaving an enigmatic narrative into your performances. Our limited edition hand-bound leather version adds an air of authenticity to your acts, as though the book itself is a relic from centuries past.

The included presentation suggestion has all of the magic happen in the spectator’s hands. You hand them the book and they open it to the force page!

Choose your edition, embark on a dark and fascinating journey, and elevate your bizarre magic to a level that will leave your audience spellbound. Unearth the Goetia Book Test and turn every act into an unforgettable, mystical experience!

The paperback edition is designed to look like something you could pick up at a modern occult bookstore, whilst the hand bound leather version is much more reminiscent of an occult grimoire. Both are printed on high quality 120gsm paper, with the deluxe leather version featuring an aged effect on the pages to match the aged cover.

For the leather binding we have chosen to use a buffalo skin cover (see options at the top of the page) bound with a coptic stitch. This has the advantage over a hardback binding that you will not warp or damage the cover when riffling the pages.

As well as being a functional magic prop, this book also contains the entire text of the Goetia, so you can read it and learn more about historical esoteric practices.

My thanks to Dani Marko for helping me with the Spanish version. I’ve put the translation into the public domain (link at the bottom of the page) because I couldn’t establish the copyright status of the existing Spanish version. Feel free to download and share it.