Modern Coin Pouch


A luxury handmade leather pouch for magicians designed to hold 4 coins and a shell securely. Sized to fit your coin set.

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The Modern Coin Pouch by Experts at the Craft Table. A luxury handmade leather pouch designed to hold 4 coins and a shell securely so that they do not rattle around in your pocket and get damaged or lost over time.

As well as protecting your coins, the Modern Coin Pouch has the added advantage of subtly hinting to a spectator that only 4 coins (or less if you choose) could possibly be in play, since that is all it appears to be capable of holding to the spectator.

This product was created because most coin holders currently on the market either look like an old fashioned purse, or are in some way gimmicked. We felt there was a need for a modern design with a classic look to fulfil the needs of today’s magicians who may not wish to use out of place looking items like a purse but who still want to keep their coins together and in good condition.

The pouch itself is made from thick vegetable tanned leather with goat or sheepskin gussets in the side depending on supplier availability and a brass press stud with an antique finish to hold it closed.

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm

Half Dollar/English Penny, Dollar/Crown, One of each size pouch

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