Get started with leatherworking


Everything you need to make a medieval belt pouch yourself. This will also leave you with the tools and probably enough thread to do basic repairs to your own leather goods.

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This kit includes…

  • a piece of leather cut to the correct pattern
  • 2 needles (modern)
  • a small block of beeswax
  • an awl (modern)
  • linen thread

You will need to supply your own chopping board or piece of scrap wood to go the other side of the leather when poking stitching holes in it. A scrap of fabric is also useful, if you need one provided for you put a note in the additional comments box when checking out and i’ll cut you a piece of canvas, but most people have fabric of some sort like an old tshirt or pair of jeans.

Please note: leather colour may vary depending on what I have in stock. It will be either natural veg tan or dyed brown. If you have a preference please let me know when ordering.

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