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Complete medieval belt pouch leatherworking kit with tools and materials for beginners; perfect for crafting and repairs.

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Embark on a journey into the art of leatherworking with our Medieval Belt Pouch Leatherworking Kit. Designed for beginners, this kit contains everything you need to create your own medieval belt pouch and dive into the world of leather craftsmanship. Whether you’re looking to craft a unique piece for a reenactment, a fair, or simply to add a touch of medieval flair to your wardrobe, this kit provides a hands-on experience with quality materials and tools.

Pre-Cut Leather Piece: A high-quality leather piece, cut to the correct pattern for a medieval belt pouch. The leather comes in either natural veg tan or dyed brown, depending on our current stock.
Tools for Authentic Crafting: Includes 2 modern needles, a small block of beeswax for thread conditioning, an awl for making stitching holes, and durable linen thread for stitching your pouch together.
DIY Experience: While we provide the essential tools and materials, you’ll need a chopping board or a piece of scrap wood to support the leather while you work, and a scrap of fabric. Most households have suitable items like an old t-shirt or jeans, but if you need fabric, let us know in the comments box at checkout, and we’ll include a piece of canvas.
Versatile Skill Development: Not only will you finish this project with a beautiful medieval belt pouch, but you’ll also acquire basic leatherworking skills that can be applied to future projects or repairs on your own leather goods.

Please Note
The color of the leather may vary based on availability. We aim to accommodate your preferences, so don’t hesitate to let us know your desired color when you place your order. If we don’t hear from you it will be either natural veg-tan or brown.

This kit is your gateway to the rewarding craft of leatherworking. With everything you need included, you’re well on your way to creating a piece that’s not just an accessory, but a story you’ve stitched together with your own hands. Add this kit to your basket and start your leatherworking journey today.

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