16th Century German Suited Playing Cards


Authentic 16th-century German suited playing cards, available with or without indices for historical accuracy or modern convenience.

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Immerse yourself in the world of 16th-century gaming with our German suited medieval playing cards. These cards are a rare find, available with or without indices, allowing you to experience the authenticity of the original deck or opt for modern usability. Please note that this deck contains extra cards, requiring the removal of the queens or either the unders or overs to use it as a regular deck.

Historical Authenticity: Based on a 16th century German source, a treasure for history and gaming enthusiasts.
Index Options: Choose between cards with or without indices, providing flexibility for historical accuracy or modern play.
High-Quality Production: Printed on Sure Slip Air 310gsm playing card stock by Ivory Graphics in the UK, ensuring durability and a smooth feel.
Gaming Versatility: The deck contains extra cards to enable it to be used like a modern English deck, or a German suited deck, allowing you to play a wider range of games with it.

Whether you’re a collector, a reenactor, or a gaming enthusiast, these 16th-century German suited playing cards offer a unique glimpse into the past and a chance to enjoy gaming as it was centuries ago.