German Suited Medieval Playing Cards


We have a small number of German suited medieval playing cards remaining following our most recent kickstarter campaign. These are available with or without indices, the original cards didn’t have them, but they’re useful so the option is there for you!

Please note: There are extra cards in this deck, you will need to remove the queens or either the unders or overs to use this as a regular deck.

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We’ve taken great care in selecting the best materials for our 16th century playing cards, and are thrilled to be working with Ivory Graphics in the UK to produce them. The decks are printed on Sure Slip Air 310gsm playing card stock. Sure Slip 310 Is a layered card which is produced by putting two of sheets of card together and laminating them into one sheet. The laminate makes the playing card much stronger and more durable than normal paper and card. Sure Slip 310 is opaque which means it has black glue in the middle of the two white sheets to make sure there is no possibility of any show through. This playing card material has a unique textured finish. This helps the playing cards move more evenly so the user can control the playing cards with ease and make slight of hand tricks a breeze.

We have chosen to use Ivory Graphics because we are confident in their fast turnaround and the great experience we had with them in the past when printing playing cards, as well as their environmental commitment. Ivory Graphics is registered with the Forest Stewardship CouncilĀ® and operates under ISO 14001 Environmental Awareness, ensuring responsible and sustainable practices. We’re proud to work with a company that shares our values and prioritizes environmental stewardship. You can learn more about Ivory Graphics by visiting their website at