Forcing Calculator


Modified calculator that forces any number with the equals button. No phone required, nothing toxic about this force, just a rewired inconspicuous looking calculator!

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Unleash the power of forced calculations with the Forcing Calculator – a subtly modified calculator for undetectable mentalism.

Rewired to force chosen number when equals is pressed
Set any force number using memory function
Black tape option hides “M” display (suggested by Richard Osterlind)
Looks just like a normal calculator
Runs on widely available AA battery

Completely Inconspicuous
Appears to be a normal working calculator. Spectators suspect nothing.

Versatile Forcing
Set any number as the force. Use for predictions, book tests and more.

Two Styles
Plain version shows “M” display when force is set. Taped version hides it.

Easy to Use
Includes basic instructions. Intuitive operation after quick setup.

Uses of this kind of an idea started in 1975. Early practitioners were John Sherwood, Bayard Grimshaw and Vic Perry. (Thank you to Mark Strivings for help with crediting)

Please Note
Due to international shipping rules the battery is not included for sales outside of the UK, however it takes a single AA battery which should be easy enough to acquire in most countries.

Amaze audiences with seemingly random calculations that reveal your predictions. The Forcing Calculator is a devious utility for mentalists.