EDC Wallet


A deluxe handstitched wallet with magical features including the Sight Unseen Case (SUC) peek design by Mark Strivings and an Out To Lunch feature

Please note that wallets are made to order and have an approximately 3-5 working day turnaround time on orders.



The EDC Wallet measures 100mm X 120mm X 18mm including the pad, smaller and thinner than most mass produced wallets, so it’s perfectly sized as an every day carry.

Key Features:

  •  2x SUC slots – Both sides are set up to use as a peek or card to wallet, or to nail write a billet, or any other feaures you are used to from a Sight Unseen Case.
  •  Out to lunch strap – You can perform miracles with this feature alone.
  •  Hand stitched from premium leather – This is not a mass produced wallet made in a factory, this is a luxury handmade item that will last you the rest of your magic career.
  •  ESP cards included! – We are including a set of 5 of our marked Expert ESP Cards printed by Cartamundi with the wallet so you already have a packet trick to carry with you.
  •  Pencil holder – What good is a notepad with nothing to write on it with? You’ll always have a pencil and paper to hand with the EDC Wallet in your pocket!
  •  Large card slots – Capable of fitting packet tricks, or credit/debit cards, or whatever you decide to put in them.
  •  Hidden slot behind the pad – Good for storing your cash in, or for another packet trick.
  •  Another slot behind the pad – Also good for packet tricks, or whatever else you want to carry.
  •  2x pads of paper and a pencil included – Everything you need to perform amazing feats of mentalism already in the wallet when you receive it!

The right hand side of the EDC Wallet fits an A7 pad of paper behind an out to lunch strap and also holds a pencil which you could use equally for writing your shopping list or for magic. Two pads of paper are supplied with the wallet. With a slot behind the elastic strap, you could also store just a few pieces of paper from the pad if you don’t want to carry the whole pad in the wallet, or you could just keep some playing cards there. There’s no one right way to use the EDC Wallet, it’s very versatile!

You can fit a packet trick in each of the slots and behind the pad or you could just use them for cards and cash. You can do card to wallet or use it as a peek wallet. The EDC Wallet is capable of being your entire EDC for both mentalism and magic!

Standard Black and Aged Versions

We are offering the wallets in a special “brush off” leather that over time develops a unique patina, so that rather than wearing out and having to be retired it actually gets better with age. If you wish, you can artificially age the wallet yourself using very fine abrasives or by removing the black finish with rubbing alcohol, then using a beeswax furniture polish to restore the shine to the leather. Don’t want to wait for your wallet to develop a paitina and don’t want to spend the time ageing it yourself? No Problem! For only £10 extra we do all the work for you, expertly hand ageing the wallet to show the fantastic black cherry patina through the black finish.

Bizarrist Version

We know that some people don’t want a nice looking wallet, they want something that looks like it was buried in your backyard 20 years ago with the body of the guy that used to live in your house, so we’re offering an option for such bizarre individuals as this. These wallets are made from high quality goat leather which is very durable and will stand up to years of use. They are hand aged with a combination of a light surface sanding and hand application of leather dyes, before being soaked in water to remove excess dye and cause a very slightly uneven shrinkage giving this a truely old vibe, whilst retaining the high quality construction of the standard version.

Due to the way that the wallets are hand aged, you will have a completely unique item when ordering the aged or bizarrist versions, so the images above whilst very close to what you will receive are not going to be 100% identical. Your hand aged wallet will be unique to you, no other magician anywhere will have an identical wallet. Note that the final colour may vary as the ageing process aims for “old and worn” rather than a specific shade or colour. Please contact us before ordering if you have specific requirements.

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Aged (cherry brush off leather), Bizarrist (hand aged goatskin), Black (cherry brush off leather)