Bycocket Hat


Hand-felted wool bycocket hat in a range of historically accurate colors for 14th and 15th century reenactment.

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This hand-felted wool bycocket hat captures the iconic look of 14th and 15th century headwear for historical reenactment. Popular during the late middle ages, these hats complement period outfits.

Custom Color Options
Available in wine, burgundy, red, mushroom, shell, mustard, bottle green, navy blue, dark grey, and black shades. Made to order in your choice of color.

Historically Accurate
Suitable for recreating the 14th and 15th centuries. Check with your reenactment group regarding specific guidelines.

Handcrafted Quality
Expertly hand crafted using traditional techniques from premium 100% wool for durability and comfort.

Made to Order
Please allow approximately 1 week turnaround as each hat is individually handmade after your order is placed.

Note on Color Display
Product images are digitally colored. Due to monitor variations, on-screen colors may slightly differ from actual hat color.

Recreate medieval fashion with a hand-felted wool bycocket hat. Custom colored for historical accuracy and comfort at 14th/15th century events.