Pocket Sized 1895 Besançon Tarot Majors


Pocket-sized major arcana from the 1895 Besançon tarot in the collection of Yale University Library with optional leather case.

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Dive into the mystical world of tarot with our Pocket Sized 1895 Besançon Tarot Majors. This exquisite set brings the major arcana of the 1895 Besançon tarot, housed in the prestigious Yale University Library, to your fingertips in a convenient bridge-sized format. Perfect for tarot enthusiasts and collectors alike, this set offers a unique blend of historical authenticity and modern portability.

Historical Authenticity: Reproduction of the major arcana from the 1895 Besançon tarot, offering a glimpse into the rich tarot traditions of the past.
English Translations: For ease of use, the card names have been thoughtfully translated into English, making the deck accessible to a wider audience.
Portable Design: Printed on bridge-sized cards, this set is designed for ease of carrying, allowing you to take your tarot practice or readings anywhere.
Optional Leather Case: Elevate your tarot experience with an optional calfskin leather case, handstitched with linen thread, providing both protection and a touch of elegance.
Historically Inspired Packaging: In keeping with historical authenticity, the cards come wrapped in a paper based on historical examples, offering an alternative to conventional tarot boxes.

Whether you’re a seasoned tarot reader or a newcomer to the mystical arts, the Pocket Sized 1895 Besançon Tarot Majors set is a must-have. Not only does it serve as a functional tool for divination and reflection, but it also stands as a piece of history that you can hold in your hands. Add this timeless treasure to your collection and connect with the wisdom of the tarot wherever you go.