Experts at the Craft Table was founded in November 2020 in Central Scotland recognising a need for high quality leather goods in the magic community. We have since expanded into other areas, including a recent Kickstarter campaign for a restoration of medieval playing cards.

Simon Piercy, the man behind Experts at the Craft Table, has 7 years experience producing high quality historical replicas of medieval leather goods and is regarded in the Scottish medieval reenactment community as producing some of the best sword scabbards in Scotland. As “Sideways Simon” he is also a performing magician and understands the needs of a working professional magician.

Simon has a number of years experience as a professional leatherworker and has connections with the UK and international leatherworking community including being a moderator on an international leatherworking Facebook group. The combination of experience and connections means that we are aware of the ability of our team to produce products within the given timescales and we are well placed to take on additional craftsmen to meet additional demand.